Logan is one of the largest and fastest growing cities in Australia. 

  • Home to more than 327,000 people
  • More than 217 different cultures
  • 6% of the city live with a day-to-day disability
  • 600+ residents have a visual impairment.

The council needed to launch a digitally inclusive website and its overall aim was to launch a standalone portal for the whole community. Although its ten year old website had served its purpose, with a younger population, a decentralised model and over 138 active web editors, a digital transformation project needed to be launched.

They wanted to meet the needs of the community, in the channels they were arriving at, to serve as a ‘channel by choice council, instead of digital by default’.


Reducing and Simplifying Online Service Delivery

Logan City Council has now relaunched its new-look website, with accessible and improved content which supports better translation - in over 100 different languages. It’s the first local government in Australia to receive the gold rating from the Plain Language Pro Program, an amazing achievement.

The council needed to implement a website that was future proof for the organisation, had functionalities to evolve with new technology and could support their mission to meet the WCAG 2.1. AA standards required. They needed a solution that could help them reduce and simplify their services for online delivery.

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Results include 60% Increase in Online Services

The council has seen an online Customer Satisfaction score of 4.75 out of 5 and a 60% increase in the use of its online services. 

The website was launched on International Day of Persons with Disabilities, and shared with its community the accessible and improved content which supports better translation, in over 100 different languages (using Google Translate). It’s the first local government in Australia to receive the gold rating from the Plain Language Pro Program and additionally, will be accredited by an external consultant for accessibility in the next few months. Logan City Council has been awarded The Best in CX Transformation award at CCW2020 (Contact Centre Week) as well as in the finalists for future awards such as MAV Technology Awards for Excellence 2020 and Australian Business awards, DigitalCX Management. In November 2020, Logan City Council also received their Compliance Certificate for Web Content Accessibility (WCAG 2.1 AA).


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It doesn't stop there...

The council has achieved a huge amount so far. Next steps include, launching Lara (Logan’s automated response assistant) later this year/early next year where she’ll assist Logan’s community 24/7, with over 480 high volume low effort inquiries. It's also launching a live chat service for the community to talk to during business hours.


“The site provides an improved level of service to the community by being more accessible and inclusive” - Katie Barton-Harvey, Council’s Community Services Director.